Thursday, April 8, 2010

quotations, anyone?

When you read online forums, you find some funny, funny stuff.

Someone please explain this to me in lame man's terms.

Happy Thanksgiving to all those south of the boarder!
So greetings for just the basement dwellers then? What floor does the boarder live on?

I believe Integrity is the #1 quality next to honesty.
Exactly. And on a scale of one to ten, this statement is pretty much nonsense.

May I suggest a Mommy and Me duel teaching session?
Imagine it - the little tykes with their adorable little swords...

I don't mean to be rude, I just know that the delicatessens she offers most likely have been in the fridge for weeks...
Probably, but a delicatessen stays fresh pretty long, right?

I’m not saying that all Etsy photographers are armatures, but some of the photos definitely look like stock photography.
Cover them with clay, or even paper mache. They'll be fine.

We are a strong and creative bunch and much to be reconciled with...
Right then. This may be irreconcilable.

If your gonna scam me, at least spell it right. To funny.
Dear pott, meet ketle.
You darn Canadians! sticking your noises in where they don't belong! I mean, really, just because we share a HUGE boarder, you think you have the right?!
Again with the boarder! How big do you suppose this guy is? Big enough to need two countries? Just get some earplugs, man.

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