Thursday, January 22, 2009

sand and sea and artfire

So I suppose it's not really the right time of year for this, but it was when I made this set. And I'm finally getting around to sharing it.

Instead of etsy, I have this one listed at artfire. Artfire is a new online venue, still in the beta stage. It seems to have potential and may become a great site in a year or two. Or not. Who knows?

There are bunches of these new etsy wannabe sites popping up. Most are terrible and won't last; a few seem to have potential. I did set up on one other site, which shall remain nameless, and didn't stay. After setting up with all my photos, etc. looking good, I got a message from the admins there saying that my "banner could be better," which is fine -- it's their site. But then they sent me SIX emails of a banner they had created to help me out. It was a blurry photo of someone else's products with my words in the wrong font, also blurry. And did I mention that they sent it to me 6 times? I laughed and decided against pursuing that one!

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