Friday, January 9, 2009

my january challenge favs

Many thanks to everyone who voted in this month's PCAGOE challenge! Here are my favorites from the 23 fabulous black and white entries.

This is VAharoni's 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW. This piece is fascinating, striking and thought-provoking. In the days leading up to inauguration day, I can't help pondering the still formidable race and class issues in the US and wondering how things will change in my lifetime, hopefully for the better. The bottom bead is the west wing of the white house. (I won't go into my obsession with the show The West Wing in this post...) The topsy-turvy nature of the top collage is so appropriate for this moment in time. The "ribbon" (also actually made of polymer clay) adds a feminine touch, which I love. It brings balance to the piece. Wonderful piece, Valerie!

This is a necklace by irishmishly, entitled In 2009, I wish I... Here's what she wishes:

*dream* the pinkest dreams
*laugh* as if every minute is funny and joyful
*believe* that all wrong can be fixed
*love* my beloved and my friends
*smile* as if every day is a miracle
*dance* even if i do it in my own living room :)

What an inspiration! Happy new year, Iris!

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