Monday, September 22, 2008

Have I mentioned that I love Halloween?

Well, I've got some stuff from this weekend to share, but the photos have not made their way from the camera to the computer yet, so as I am in love with all things October, I'm going to share a few Halloween favorites from the polymer clay artists in PCAGOE today. Behold the cute!

Salem the Black Kitten by folkartfromtheheart

Grandmother Spider by ametista

Ghost Rider by peggers

Skeleton Bot by ittybittiesforyou

Mini Boo Boo Monster by SpiritMama
Fall is here! Woohoo!


Carrieann said...

I love Halloween too!! It's such a fun, creative time. Thanks for including me in this spooky line up!
Happy Autumn Equinox! :D

Gary said...

Fantastic stuff for Halloween... This "Ghost Rider" design is looking so cute!! I love it...


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