Tuesday, September 30, 2008

day of the dead

It's that time again - time to vote for your favorite PCAGOE monthly challenge entry. This month, we made pieces for a Day of the Dead theme. I swore I would not make a skull, and then, what came out? A skull, of course. My entry is a piece of seasonal wall art in bright, hand-mixed colors of polymer clay. Every piece has been hand-rolled into "snakes" and placed carefully to make the skull shape. The gradiations of color in some of the swirls were made using a technique called the Skinner blend, which is a neat way to create a color gradient using polymer clay and a pasta rolling machine.

This guy measures about 7 inches high and 4.5 inches across. It's hanging out in my etsy shop at the moment, but I have to admit I'm tempted to keep it.

Here's a mosaic of all the entries. I think they look so cool as a group! It's interesting to note the expressions on almost all of the faces - we are obviously a happy guild.

Voting will be up at pcagoe.com no later than noon on October 1, and will stay open until midnight on October 3. Come vote for your favorite - everyone who votes will be entered to win one of two fabulous prize packs of handmade polymer clay goodies. Thanks for voting!

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