Friday, December 21, 2007

tarot card of the day

Today is one of my "energy" days. I feel I could do anything and for long periods of time. So I got ready for a dinner party I'm throwing tomorrow - made stuffing, casseroles and 13 tiny loaves of banana bread; got out the china and wacky tableclothes; and decided that margaritas go perfectly well with turkey and potatoes. I made a great dinner of steaks and spanish rice. I listened to Buffy the Musical all the while and was happy.

Anyway, it's been a while since I pulled and pondered a tarot card from my Buffy tarot deck. The card for today is The World.

Tarot Card: Major Arcana, 21. The World
Character: The First Slayer
Upright Meaning: Fulfillment and contentment. Happiness. Growth. Successful completion of a project or cycle. Culmination.
Reversed Meaning: Lack of success. Delay. Incomplete happiness. Hesitation. Frustration.
Questions: What have you been laboring over for a long time that is nearing completion? How will you make this ending a positive experience?
Advice: It’s up to you to finish this one. Don’t rely on someone else. Hesitate just long enough to consider where you’ve been and how it will affect where you’re going.

This card always gives me the sense of old and new together. She was the beginning of something huge, and she's history. It's time to integrate my past with my current dreams and get into gear. OK then. I'm on it.

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