Friday, December 7, 2007

Least views, what the hey?

One of the ways to search for stuff on etsy is to choose a category. Then you can sort by price (low to high or vice versa, or low to price or vice versa). I chose the holiday category, clicked on Christmas, and sorted by least views. I often sort by least views, just to see stuff other people have missed. So, is being in the first few pages of "least views" a bad thing? Not necessarily.

First of all, there are about 234,656,298 items on etsy. OK, I made that up. But seriously, there are lots, I mean lots, of items for sale on that site! Sometimes an item was listed very recently and hasn't had time to be seen a lot yet. Sometimes it was posted at a time of day (or night) when we etsiers, for once in our lives, are actually out doing something other than browsing etsy. And sometimes, I'm guessing, it's just dumb luck. Sometimes, unfortunately, it could be a problem of poor photography or a badly cropped or uninteresting picture, but that sure isn't the case with these treasures I found just now in my "least views" search. Check them out. (And feel free to buy them for me...)

This is rubber duck soap by SweetLollipopShop. Have you ever seen anything cuter? Almost makes me wish I had a kid. (Yeah, OK, not really.)

LadyRayCello, a fellow PCAGOE-er made this adorable cat ornament. I'm always impressed with people who can sculpt. I make a mean blob, but that's the best sculpting I do :)

And this card by artbyheather? Well, I want it. And it feels a tiny bit like a portrait of me at the moment. Mildred couldn't resist the urge to be merry. Yep.

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