Monday, July 16, 2007

Lancaster Easter Market

DivaDea set up shop at Lancaster Eastern Market for the first time this weekend, and the day was successful indeed. By successful, I don't mean that I'm able to retire now, but the day was full of fun people, good food, beautiful art, and fortuitous meetings. And a few sales.
One great thing about the day was having the opportunity to meet some fellow etsy sellers.

LemonCadet does adorable and unique applique work from panties to onesies to plushies. My favorite item in her etsy shop is the yeti panties - so fun!

This is Alicia of Ten Gallon Greetings. She makes handmade cards out of old pictures, such as from children's books, and they all have clever, and perhaps a tad sarcastic sayings on them. I had a good laugh reading through all of her wonderful designs.

And here's my slightly chaotic table. I brought jewelry, vessels, picture frames, business card couches, loose beads, and my new magnetic bud vases. A few items were hard to part with, but I know they went to good homes. And of course there are still plenty of one-of-a-kind polymer clay goodies available at my etsy shop.

The excitement for the day for me was having a person come up to the table and recognize my partner and I as Marmalade. It was good to feel famous for a second :) And we made a few other great and unexpected music contacts, too!

Another highlight was the Moroccan food for lunch. I'm going to try to the Ethiopian food stand next time - can't wait.

You can see a bunch more pictures from the day here. (Taken by Russell Frost.)

And here's a youtube commercial for Eastern Market.


LemonCadet said...

Thanks for mentioning my shop. It was really great meeting you. The market was a lot of fun. It's always so wonderful to meet fellow Etsy sellers.

Ben Can Dance said...

That sounds (and looks!) like so much fun. The table displays looked great.

Stephanie said...

Your display looks great. I think its great that you got to meet other etsy sellers.

Steph said...

Yay Eastern Market! It was great meeting you and all the other Etsy sellers there that day!


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