Thursday, July 19, 2007

Etsy Poster Contest

Etsy is having a poster contest. The idea is to make a set of posters out of treasury lists. (Treasuries on etsy are sets of items "curated" by any buyer or seller on etsy to display other artists' work.) I decided to go with a house theme for my entry. I included a couple of items from my polymer clay street team, PCAGOE, a few items from favorite artists of mine, and a bunch of fun items found by just searching the term house.

Artists included in my "poster" are: artgirlx, redandgreenbutterfly, INTERIORGLASSDESIGNS, thecolorofdreams, crackedmoon, LadyRayCello, rustchic, deciduoussoul, trendyphotos, meinoel, hermanornaments, mamadelic, KatrineK, laurali, starsparrow, and ktgarvai.


Ben Can Dance said...

Very nice list you put together! I like how you incorporated a few polymer pieces in too. :)

msmirm said...

Great list! Sounds like a fun project!

Karin said...

Love the poster. I love your booth set up - very attractive. I love the fact that it's so summery!


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