Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You should really vote

In the PCAGOE June contest, that is.

The Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy has a monthly contest with a theme. June's theme is "self-portrait." Ee gads. Some folks made literal self portraits, and some made more representational items. They're all very cool. I made a necklace to represent me. It's bright, large, asymmetrical, loud, eclectic, complementary (not to be confused with complimentary, which I only occasionally manage), orange, wild, crazy, one of a kind, and did I mention large? If anyone is so inclined, you can go to http://pcagoe.com/ to vote for your favorite entry - you could win a prize pack of items from various polymer clay artists! Voting is up now through 6/28, so go vote for me, I mean, um, go vote for your favorite entry.

Here are the specs:
Length: a whopping 36 inches, plus the pendant
Pendant: a sort of squarish goddess curly-haired person, just over 2 inches high and just over 1 inch across, strung diagonally
Clay Beads: polymer clay canework stars, suns, butterflies, sunsets, flowers, geometric patterns, and even a yin-yang
Other beads: glass, plastic, brass, wood, stone-- spheres, tubes, cat's eyes, oblong, chunky, square, shiny, iridescent, fun!
And also - it's a lot lighter in weight than you might expect, because polymer clay beads are light :)
It's a one of a kind necklace extravaganza, and it's for sale here at my etsy shop!

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