Friday, June 29, 2007

No kidding? Beads? Really?

They say things come in threes. Well, I am way past three. Things are more coming in around 142 for me lately. I took a gazillion pictures of my beads and actually took the time to edit and make the backgrounds white. Now my beads page at my etsy shop looks really fabulous. Yay photoshop! I also posted them in more reasonable sets of 6 or 8 beads at a time instead of 20, thanks to the good advice of TarkaArt. Of course, I will still be able to make them available in custom amounts, sizes, shapes, colors, flavors... Wait. Scratch that last one.

Here are a few of the beads on white. (Alex pendant and Anya beads.) I love the way these pictures look so clean and bright. (Oh great, now I'll have Edelweiss in my head. Way to go, self.)

I've also gotten the beads organized and ready to sell sell sell, all packed up neatly in fun little hand-folded paper boxes.

My sister and I make these boxes while watching movies and hanging about. I seem to have a never-ending supply of scrapbooking paper, thanks to donations from friends and my tendency to buy just a piece or two whenever I'm at the craft store. The colors are hard to resist.
Now, don't you just want to buy some beads so you can get them in one of these cute boxes?

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