Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tarot card of the day

What can I learn? Because I surely could use some guidance, my brain is a bit confuddled...

Tarot Card: Page of Swords
Character: April
Upright Meaning: An enthusiastic, young emissary. Detachment and therefore unbiased truth. Simple, but well-meaning.
Reversed Meaning: Imposter or spy. A two-faced, snooping meddler.
Questions: Who brought you a bit of information? Was it a person you can trust or perhaps a spy from an unknown quarter?
Advice: Simple things up. Look at the lowest common denominator and find the most straightforward solution.

OK, first of all, what do you suppose it means that out of the whole deck I've pulled three today, and two are robots? (See here for the other two I pulled.) My first thought when I see April is of Buffy saying, "She growls?!?" Seriously, how appalling is the fact that Warren made her so she growls? Yikes. But I'm supposed to be pondering me, not the show. So...

I guess I have been fairly robotic lately, with the constant list making and go go go. "Do you know Warren? I am looking for Warren" translates for me to "I must make beads, I must sell beads." Still, I must, and I think I'm on the right track. Time will tell.

Detachment - yes, a bit, from certain people who I'm not yet ready to confront. For one I may be ready soon or I may let it go. For another, probably I'll never be ready or let it go. And unlike poor April, my battery is fairly unlikely to wind down in the middle of a well-placed aphorism. Sigh.

Spy or imposter? I've felt a bit of that at work. I'll have to watch out for it, I guess. No blogging about work, though, so I'll have to ruminate on that one off screen.

Simple things up. I'm not ready to at the moment. I guess I'm really fighting you here today, April. Sorry. You'll just have to continue to growl.

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