Monday, October 26, 2009

PenguinPalooza winner

Thanks so much to everyone who commented on my blog, livejournal or facebook with penguin personality ideas!

Normally for a drawing, I would use an online random number generator to choose a winner, but this time I actually cut and pasted all the entries into a document, printed them out, cut them apart and physically pulled a random one from the middle of the pile. Why? Because I plan to put them in a box, draw them out one at a time and start making them.

There were so many good ideas - I'll post the list later this week.

The randomly drawn PenguinPalooza winner is SassyPackrat, who suggested Star Trek penguins! I love that idea.

Thanks for playing, everyone!

1 comment:

Indigo Orchid Designs said...

Great idea! Live long and prosper. ;) Congratulations!


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