Monday, September 28, 2009


It is time for PenguinPalooza!

Here's how it works:

I'm on a penguin-making spree. These penguins are multi-tasking - they can be used as decorations (they stand up on their little penguin feet), they can hang on your Christmas tree, and they each have beads inside, making each one a fully-functional rhythm shaker.

I am looking for penguin character ideas, the more creative and crazy the better. To play, just leave a comment with your ideas on this post, or at my facebook page, or at my livejournal. On October 23, I'll draw a random winner from all the ideas, and the winner will win a penguin (custom-designed or one from my shop). The more ideas you give, the more chances you have to win!

I'll take any ideas from the everyday obvious (teacher penguin) to completely off the wall (acrobat penguin with a broken leg)...

If you leave a comment on this blog, please make sure there's a way for me to contact you.

The penguins are in the process of moving into my etsy shop. Check them out! They will also be on display and for sale at the Palmyra Public Library in November and December.

Penguins I've already got include:
Ballerina penguin
Rastafarian penguin
Pizza guy penguin
Rainbow penguin
Film noir penguins
Steelers fan penguins
Shopping penguin
Sunglasses penguin
Clown penguin
Santa penguin
Hippie peace and love penguin
Trick or treating penguins
Vampire slayer penguin
Tangled up in Christmas lights penguin

Leave a comment to win! As many ideas as you want. Thanks for playing!


Megan said...

penguin dressed up as a turtle. penguin holding a jack-o-lantern. bluetooth/cellphone penguin.
raking fall leaves penguin.
penguin in a space suit.
penguin in raincoat/boots.
penguin with a waistcoat & a watch! (like the white rabbit)
80s boombox penguin.
orchestra conductor penguin.
buzz lightyear penguin.
policeman penguin.
firefighter penguin.
penguin cradeling baby penguin.
librarian penguin.
penguin with huge jar of huge pickles.
mountain climber penguin.
penguin in a hot dog bun, or a hot dog suit.
baseball penguin.
oompa-loompa penguin.
that's all i got for now.

inspiration recycled said...

Penguin dressed as a fairy!
Penguin vulcan!
Renaissance/medieval penguin!
Rainy day penguin with umbrella and slicker who has fallen into a mud puddle!

Indigo Orchid Designs said...

Disco penguin
Albert Penguin Einstein
Dorothy and Toto penguin
Glenda the good Witch Penguin
Wicked Penguin of the West
Phantom Penguin of the Opera

That's all I got...

Miriam said...

Pharmacist Penguin
Accountant Penguin
Star Spangled Penguin
Statue of Liberty Penguin
Red Hat Penguin
Under the Sea Penguin
Mermaid Penguin
Fa Penguin

sassypackrat said...

How about a
artist penguin with an pallet and brush and 1 wing like van Gogh the 1 eared guy.

Penguin as a birthday candle.
Penguin as a Pineapple.
Surfing penguin.
Star Trek Penguins
Lord of the Rings Penguins
Pilgrim and Indian penguins
Penguin as a turkey
Rudolph the red nosed penguin stuck in a chimny.
Snowman penguin
Penguin as a cupcake.

sassypackrat said...

Forgot to tell you how to get a hold of me.

Hula couple penguins trapped in a volcano.
Missionary penguin in a stew pot.
I could go on and on.

Kathleen McGiveron said...

I think you should do political penguins.... barak, bush, hilory, abraham lincholn... I think it could be funny!!!!


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