Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fall Goals

It's Thursday - time for the EART team blogathon. Our topic today is "Fall Business Goals." Since my life is bordering on out of control at the moment, my goals are simple:

1. Penguins - make lots of them, and host penguin personality ideas contest - STAY TUNED FOR THAT ONE, friends! So far I've got a bunch of fun ones, including ballerina penguin, Rastafarian penguin, trick-or-treating penguin... It's going to be a penguinpalooza (photos coming soon). Also, the penguins will be on display/sale at the Palmyra Public Library starting in November, and 1/3 of each sale will be donated to the library.
2. Get etsy shop in shape with better photos and organization. Fellow etsiers, did you know we can rearrange our shops now?? Woohoo!
3. Start my line of Whedon-inspired items, especially ornaments for Christmastime - ie, get the ideas off the paper and into the clay!
Wish me luck :)
Keep reading, starting with the blog of IndigoOrchidDesigns to see what my EART teammates are planning for fall.

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