Thursday, April 23, 2009

eclectic, eh?

It's a blog carnival. And the question is: What makes you an eclectic artisan?

According to wikipedia, eclecticism in art "describes the combination in a single work of a variety of influences..."

Interesting. My first thought about the word eclectic was of various media being used to create. But in doing research (you know, my usual five minutes worth) the connotation as it relates to art, architecture, etc., is more related to historical and/or cultural influences. So, for instance, a building designed using elements from various centuries might be labelled eclectic architecture.

So, to answer the question, what makes me an eclectic artist, I would have to say it is the combination of old ideas with a new medium, for example, my tarot art.

The tarot and its well-known icons are centuries old, but the materials used here are very new, specifically the polymer clay.

Another example of old concept, new materials is the rainstick. This style of instrument is one of the oldest, but polymer clay is new and modern.

So, how are you an eclectic artist? Or an eclectic whatever you are? To join in on this blog carnival, visit the EART etsy team blog.

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Anonymous said...


Its Richard G. who has been searching for you for some time. Eclectic is not being comfortable with just what is but taking it one step further...either with music, art or words. Contact me so i can tell you how great your thumb print art was on the christmas cookies!!! lot's has changed...miss you rpg


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