Tuesday, December 2, 2008

ornament swaps

I participated in two holiday ornament swaps this season.

The first was with members of my online polymer clay guild, PCAGOE. I made bell-like ornaments, thanks to a simple origami pattern from a friend. Here's a nice tutorial on how to fold these. And here's a good, wordy explanation of how to fold them.

After the folding, I cheated and used clear tape to hold the bell shut at the top, after putting a ribbon through from the bottom to the top. Then it was just a matter of making a cane, mixing some clay colors and carefully covering the sides of the bell. I used a paper pattern to cut the clay sheets into the right shapes. I'm thinking, although I didn't have any on me at the time, a bit of liquid Sculpey would make the assembling process easier.


The second swap was organized by the Buffyfest bloggers. I just can't resist the pull of Buffy...

I had bunches of ideas for this one, including decoupage ornaments using comic book pages and actually creating the Buffy characters sculpted or as egg ornaments. But in the end I went with something a little less time consuming. I hope people will still like them. They are made with polymer clay tombstone-y beads with the letters stamped in with rubber stamps and then antiqued with a bit of paint. They're finished off with a polymer clay "stake" and matching glass and other beads. Into each generation a slayer is born...


Tee said...

Just have to say again, love the ornaments! Thanks for participating in the Whedonverse Ornament swap. :)

Miriam said...

Will you be posting the ornaments you received? I would love to see them!

DivaDea said...

Thanks, Tee :)

Yes, I will be posting the ones I get. Can't wait!


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