Thursday, December 11, 2008

ornament swaps, part 2

I participated in two holiday ornament swaps this season, one with PCAGOE members and one with Buffyfest Bloggers. The post with the ornaments I created for the swaps is here.

Here are the ornaments I have received in return so far:

Image transfer ornament by SCDiva - looks great on the tree!

Personalized gingerbread lady by artbylilin. So adorable!

Hehe, you have to know Firefly to get this one. Anybody recognize this object?

Awesome mica shift technique on this Buffy ornament by valeriebeads. I'm thinking this might get turned into a necklace after Christmas.

And a little framed silhouette ornament. This one also came with an alternate panel - Dr. Horrible instead of Buffy. How fun is that!

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