Friday, August 1, 2008

it's show time

It's challenge time at the polymer clay artists guild of etsy again! Our monthly theme was It's Show Time, and 12 people have created entries having to do with television and movies. To cast your vote, visit All voters are entered into two random drawings for prizes. There's a set of beautiful accessories as well as this duo of handmade, one-of-a-kind necklaces by polymer clay artists paperpam and pipsjewellery.

And here's my entry. It's a quotation from my favorite (most days) character, Giles. I (obviously) had trouble getting a decent photo of this one, not sure why.

It's a 7-inch square wall-hanging made in several steps:
1. Peruse brain (and internet) for good Buffy quotes.
2. Make 20 polymer clay canes.
3. Lay out cane slices one at a time and roll flat to make background.
4. Make each letter out of scrap clay and bake.
5. Cover each letter with individual slices of aforementioned canes. and attach to background with liquid Sculpey.
6. Mount on scrap clay for stability and bake.
7. Make and attach embellishments and edging and bake again.
8. Attempt fruitlessly to photograph.

This piece isn't going to be for sale. In fact, it's already on my wall :)

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