Thursday, February 14, 2008

to throw, to sew

Q: When is it time for an etsy artist feature?
A: When I come across someone who makes my day.

So, let me introduce you to Keith of He's a self-proclaimed thrower and sewer, and is obvioiusly proficient at both.

Here are a few of my favorite items from his etsy shop.

Wonderful art quilt named "A Little Bird Told Me..." This has everything I like - asymmetry, a woman with fabulous hair, bright colors, interesting patterns.

and the French Butter Dish. Who doesn't love French butter??

Check out more exquisite and unique pottery items at Keith's web page, MudStuffing.

And here's what I purchased from this fab artist. It's a handsewn patch of the leeetle lock that's been known to show up on etsy forum threads where the peeps ain't behaving. Click the picture to view the listing and read the description. If you are an etsy forums addict like me, you will find this pretty fun.

By the way, I received the patch on the lower left, and I already know where I'm going to sew it. Sometimes it's the little things, you know?

Beautiful items, yes, but the actual reason this artist made my day? He makes pottery for the military.

No, your inner ears aren't clogged, I really did just say that. But here's the deal. He makes a special porcelain bowl used at an army munitions factory, charges premium but fair rates for these wonderful handmade beauties, and then donates part of the profits to a peace organization! And this, my friends, is what made my day.

Check out to learn about the campaign to create a US Department of Peace.

It's time.

Thanks for the inspiration, Keith. Here's to throwing and sewing and giving peace a chance.

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pollyhyper said...

OMG a man who sews and is an amazing artist? Marry me! No, wait, already married, but what a catch! Love your work, Keith!


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