Friday, August 17, 2007

ACEO? Huh?

Well, who knew? ACEO stands for Art Cards, Editions & Originals, and they're pretty popular. From what I understand, they're just like ATCs (Art Trading Cards), except sold instead of traded. The only thing about them that is standard is the size - they're 2.5 x 3.5 inches, the size of a playing card. They can be (and are) made out of anything and everything, from paper to fabric to wood to clay. They can be photos, originals, prints, sculptures, collages, and the list goes on. I've collected just a few so far, but I dream of collecting lots and filling a wall with them. It's a great way to get just a taste of the work of a variety of artists.

I make two kinds of ACEOS. One is a glossy photo of a pile of my beads with some scrapbooking-type embellishments added. The other (above) is actually made from polymer clay cane work. I make the art right onto a playing card, bake it, and then peel off the card and sign the back of the clay. This one, Desert Tiles, is my favorite so far. See my whole page of ACEOs here.

There are lots and lots (at this moment 6578) of ACEOs for sale at etsy, and I searched the site for ACEOs made by my friends at the polymer clay artists guild of etsy (PCAGOE). Turns out that so far, just a few of us are making them, and even with just these few, I'm amazed at the diversity of talent in this group! (Click the highlighted names to visit their etsy shops!)

The Pear by blockpartypress


Mysterious Funky Bubbles by polyclarific


Emotional by IttyBittiesForYou


Lost Souls by ElizabethBonura - This one amazes me. It's an entire 3-D sculpture, and shiny to boot!

So there you have it, folks, the world of ACEOs!


Janet said...

Wonderful article on ACEOs! Great examples of others work, as well as yours! I've been wondering about ACEOs, so I was glad to read this. I think I may be interested in making some now! :-)

pollyhyper said...

Great stuff!
So what does one do with an ACEO? Display it?

Amanda (Polyclarific) said...

Thanks for including my ACEO here, I appreciate the highlight!


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