Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Fabric on Wood

I wonder if shellieartist on etsy knows she has an admirer? Well, she will now. And for that matter, I'm sure she has many. I stop in Shellie's shop at least a few times a month, just to look at her art and drink in the colors. This art is just happy-making! I was keeping the happy all for myself, until this week, when I found the "mod kitchen," section of her shop, and now I just have to share!

This one's my favorite from the kitchen section. (I'm a citrus fanatic), but there's also red wine, peppers, tomatoes, tea, milk and others. Click here to buy it for me, well, or for yourself if you must.

This piece, River Trip, is sold, which is great for Shellie, but bummer for me! (I guess I couldn't expect her to just hang on to it until I'm not poor anymore - that might be a while...)

Shellie calls her art "Fabric on Wood," and her pieces are this wonderful collage-y mix of colors and patterns. She describes the process like this: Fabric on Wood Process- Each cut out piece of fabric is placed on the wood with a rice based starch and then polyurathaned several times. Some pieces are touched up with acrylic or oil paint, gel pens, oil pencils or anything I can get my hands on that I think will do the job.

There are few people with such an eye for color and design. I love the way the colors flow into each other, the way the fabric patterns fit their subjects so perfectly, and the way the pieces bring collage and painting into the same realm seamlessly.

I've been admiring this one for a while. It's called Her Little Dream World, but it's not little. This one is 15.25 x 36 inches of vibrant colors. Most of the Fabric on Wood pieces are smaller than this, though, and perfect for hanging in a small or large space, preferably at eye level to be admired over and over.

If you haven't stopped by yet, now's the time. Check out Shellie's shop. Check out my shop. And be prepared to surf for a while, because etsy is the hub of all things fabulous!

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Ben Can Dance said...

Those are gorgeous pieces of artwork! I can see why they're among your favorites. :)


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