Monday, January 11, 2010

tv tv tv, january 2010

OK, so Chuck is back. Yay! Plus 3 episodes in 2 days - double yay! Chuck is not something I would buy and watch repeatedly, but it's a great Monday night break for sure. Missed it? Don't worry, it's online :)

The 4400. We have about 6 episodes left. Why do so many of these brilliant sci-fi shows turn all religious and strange?

The Wii is officially fun. Got it for Christmas. Have been religiously doing 30 minutes or more of wii fit exercising each day. And yes, I know it's not really exercise for normal people, but for me, well, it's a good start. How is this tv-related, you ask? Well, we made mii's for all the Buffy characters. Oh please, don't act surprised.

I watched the movie Up last night, and I just don't get it. Everyone I know loves it, and I was completely nonplussed. Seriously, an old guy, an annoying little kid and and the whole middle half has a pack of dogs? Whatever. Sorry, I tried, but I just couldn't care.

Anxiously, well actually, no, not anxiously at all. But nonetheless awaiting Castle in 20 minutes. Ah, Nathan Fillion, you are so fabulous.

Just started Torchwood - not much opinion yet.

Have The Plan from Netflix waiting to be watched. Also can't wait for the next seasons of Big Love, Weeds, and True Blood to be available.

And last but not least - Charmed. Oh, yes, I am. Charmed, that is. Will be renting the next 7 seasons of that and probably skipping a lot of sleep to watch.

Wow, I watch a lot of TV. Huh.


Megan said...

Um yeah. We made Star Trek TNG mii's of Picard, Riker, Dr Crusher, Troy, Data, LaForge & Guynan... still want to do Worf and Wesley. :) I just KNEW you would be making Buffy mii's. Heehee!

Miriam said...

Let's plan a Wii night!!


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