Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday EART blog ring: favorite etsy shops

The topic of the EART Thursday blog ring this week is Your Favorite Etsy Shops.

There are hundreds of etsy sellers and shops that I absolutely love, so I'm just going to share the ones I actually own stuff from.

I actually have the original of this one, and I love it.
Why do I love Shellie? She's just such a sweet, lovable person!
Why do I love this shop? I love the medium - it's fabric on wood, which is so unique and cool. I also love the use of color. I love brights! This art is all so joyful, and I love that!
I've got several prints from this shop and have given several away as gifts.
Why do I love Cindy? She's refreshing down-to-earth and wise - a very cool person.
Why do I love this shop? This black and white art is awesome. Her drawing is so organic and a little wacky here and there. It's like fantasy art without the schmaltz. Just makes me happy.
I get soap here all the time.
Why do I love Pam? She's become a very successful and busy seller, yet she still pays personal attention and obviously appreciates her customers.
Why do I love this shop? This soap is amazing. The presentation is excellent, the packaging is nice (which is important for soap - a bar of soap in an envelope tends to be gross upon arrival), and the scents are amazing! My favorites are cherry freeze, desert sage, dragon's blood, peaches and cream, orange blossom, lemon frosting, pink grapefruit & mint, and sweetgrass. I'll be trying more scents soon - can't really help myself...
A few more shops I love love love:
AWEshop - amazing metalwork jewelry
marciapalmer - polymer clay in earthtones
jellybeans - light rainbow-y watercolors
Check them out!
To read about other EART members' favorite etsy shops, continue the blog ring with pnkgeeni!

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