Saturday, July 25, 2009

swingle singers new recording

The Swingle Singers' new album (oh, they call them CDs now, eh?), Ferris Wheels, arrived in our mail box a few days ago. It is brilliant. The flow of the songs is perfection, and as a person who takes great pains and pride in arranging concert programs just right, I have big appreciation for the flow factor. Much of the arranging was done by members of the group, and everyone gets to sing the melody here and there, which is cool. There's not a lot of traditional Swingle-ness in this collection, although there is a bit. But mostly they've departed into music that shows off these particular eight people in a fabulous wheel of carefully selected pop tunes. Every single number is beautiful and precise and wonderful, but my favorite is No More I Love You's. Visit their home page and scroll down to hear the beginning of it - it's track 8. Just wow. These kids are just amazing. My new crossover dream is the Swingle Singers on So You Think You Can Dance. It could happen, right?

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